Buzzword Talk: ‘Meltdown – Spectre’

  “Meltdown & Spectre again !!” – This is the most popular happening in cybersecurity now.  It’s a known fact that Meltdown & Spectre exploit critical hardware vulnerabilities in modern ...

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AWS Elastic Beanstalk

  Cloud computing has brought revolution by making IT – Servers, Storage, Database, Networking, Analytics, Software & more – available over the internet (i.e. ‘cloud’). Even though there is an ...

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Hosting Service and Hosting Support – an overview

  This IT-driven era demands a strong presence in the cyber-space, especially for enterprises to succeed. This can be achieved through websites, which is the digital presence of any worldly ...

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Hadoop – Big Data Analytics : an overview

  To understand about Hadoop, we need to have an idea about Big Data and Big Data Analytics. Row data has no value.  It only becomes valuable on getting processed ...

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Buzzword Talk – ‘GDPR’

  Let’s talk about the most popular term now, GDPR. General Data Protection Regulations or GDPR is the regulation of European Union Law (EU Law) on data protection and privacy ...

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Linux Server Auditing

  A server is a computer hardware or program which provides services to another computer hardware or program, known as the client (and in turn, to its users). Mostly server ...

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