Most enterprises are too busy concentrating on developing their business to pay attention to server management until something goes wrong. Data loss, security breaches and poor site performance can negatively impact your business. A big number of businesses are not aware of the newest server management trends or simply do not possess the time or expertise to ensure systems are monitored, secured and backed up 24/7. Inadequate management of servers, storage and backups are often for the interruption of business continuity.

Our comprehensive Server Management services expertly address your design, build, and operations (managed services) requirements. The platforms comprise the operating system and hypervisor layer that include VMWare, vSphere, VRA, and the different versions of Operating systems (UNIX AIX, HP UX, Solaris, Linux variants).VIPoint Solutions brings to the table refined experience in managing thousands of servers across all technologies and our proprietary automation toolkits.

Whether you need to set the server from scratch, manage your network infrastructure without external help, manage system framework or secure your server, VIPoint Solutions is your go-to service provider.

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By providing 24×7 monitoring, we can spot and fix issues before your customers even notice.


Optimize your servers for maximum performance and productivity by conducting periodic stress tests.


We manage firewall, intrusion and anti-DOS settings to help you avoid painful security attacks.


Applying OS and panel updates quickly, we minimize the possibility and impact of software and security issues.