Comparison between today’s popular virtualization tools – a quick look

  In computing, virtualization refers to creating a virtual version of computing devices like servers, hardware platforms, storage devices, computer network resources, etc. Cloud computing is the technology used to ...

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Serverless Computing – AWS Lambda

Of course, nothing works in the cyber world without servers and we can term ‘Serverless Computing’ a misnomer. Serverless Computing adds another layer of abstraction on top of the cloud ...

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Checklists for Outsourcing Technical Support

Outsourcing is the business practice where a company (say company-X) hires another company (say company-Y), to perform certain tasks. These tasks might have been previously executed by the company-X’s employees ...

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linux kernel 412

What’s new in Linux 4.12 Kernel?

Linus Torvalds says “4.12 Kernel is one of the bigger releases historically” 24.2 million “Lines of Code”, 15,000 source code changes Some of the notable highlight features of the latest ...

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