Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a debian-derived Linux distribution designed for ‘digital forensics’ (Often used as a synonym for ‘computer forensics’, it is the science encompassing the recovery and investigation of digital ...

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Arch Linux

Arch Linux is an independently developed Linux distribution (i.e. operating system) for computers based on x86-64 architecture. Composed of free and open source software, it supports community involvement. Arch Linux ...

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The Morris Worm story

Morris Worm (also known as the ‘great worm’ or ‘internet worm’) is the notorious computer worm which is believed to be one of the first to be distributed on the ...

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Agent Tesla

Agent Tesla – a highly effective as well as user-friendly password stealing program which has been built using Microsoft .Net Framework and infected computers since 2014 – has gained popularity ...

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Series on Latest Open Source Technology Trends – Topic 5

  Let’s look at the next trend coming in latest open source technology trends, ‘XaaS’. XaaS (an acronym for ‘Anything as a Service’) XaaS is the terminology used for the ...

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