Individual Hiring vs. Company Hiring

by Feb 1, 2018

Individual Hiring vs. Company Hiring

by Feb 1, 2018

Organisational performance depends on team performance.  The team consists of individuals, which is the human capital of an organisation. Team performance is greatly determined by the individual contribution of its human capital. We can look at various aspects of individual vs company hiring in detail.

Even though individual hiring can save money and ease responsibilities to a great extend, so much of risks are associated with it. Let’s have a look at it.

i. Every task will have multiple aspects which require various skill sets and experience, demanding contributions from different individuals. Individual hiring only brings the expertise of one person, which cannot satisfy the diverse needs of a task.

ii. An optimum amount of time, as well as effort, is needed to deliver any task with excellence. Individual hires cannot match the effort given by a team. They may take more time to deliver with excellence or, they may not deliver with excellence.

iii. An individual’s emotional, mental as well as physical tantrums can negatively affect their performance in a great deal. This will prove to be fatal in individual hiring.


Company hiring means hiring a team. This comes with increased responsibility; it may also be costly. But there are so many benefits to it compared to individual hiring. Let’s have a look.

i. There is nobody like a perfect candidate; every individual will have various skill set and excel in various aspects. Organisational tasks are dynamic, demanding diverse skill sets, which can only be practically achieved through a team. Thus, company hiring brings in diverse skill sets and expertise, resulting in excellence.

ii. Teams consist more than one individual. A similar task can be done more effectively within an optimal time period by a team rather than an individual. Higher productivity is another advantage of company hiring.

iii. Company hiring brings in teams consisting of various individuals. If one team member is having any difficulty (emotional/mental/physical/personal factors which can affect performance), that person’s task can be shared among other team members who can complete the task efficiently. Option of task-sharing is a major advantage of company hiring.


All these factors prove why company hiring is more efficient than individual hiring, irrespective of its increased responsibility.


A variety of needs – 24/7 availability, diverse skill sets as well as practical expertise – makes company hiring ideal for situations like hosting support as well as application development.


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