White Label Support : an overview

In technology, White Label Support is the technical support given by a company (say, company A) for another company’s (say, company B) technical products / services; so that it appears ...

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Buzzword talk – Digital Currency

Digital currency is the currency, which is only digitally available. Unlike traditional currency, instant transaction, as well as borderless ownership is possible in the digital currency. We can generalize digital ...

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Live chat support – Is it really needed?

Live chat support is a high-end instant messenger. It is nothing but a web service software which allows businesses to communicate or chat in real time with their website visitors. ...

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Finding a high quality dedicated technical support person

Every dedicated technical support company promises to provide 24/7 support, Lowest response time, Quick fixes,etc.. What makes them different is the quality of their technical support. The technical support team ...

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Buzzworld Talk – Artificial Intelligence

Artificial is the opposite of natural. Anything which is born from nature, without the intervention of humans is natural. So, AI can be defined as the science & technology of ...

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Buzzword talk – Big data

With NODERICKS, let’s talk about ‘Big data’ today. Big data is one among the most popular IT jargon today. As the name indicates, it means a massive amount of data ...

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Five 9’s and more …

99.999% up-time is the goal of any hosting service provider. As per theories in networking, 99.999% availability (Five 9’s) is associated with an yearly downtime of just 5minutes. Five 9’s ...

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happy sysadmins day vipoint

Happy SysAdmins Day!

24/7/365 days a year! Our Sys Admins have been working hard to keep all systems up and running.Our system administrators have always played a vital role in making our client’s ...

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