Cloud computing in hosting / Cloud hosting :

Cloud Computing is the technology in which various computing services are offered over the internet (the “cloud” – used to depict internet in network diagrams). Cloud providers charge their customers based on usage, resulting in low cost, speedy and globally scalable IT service. Cloud computing reduces many of the IT tasks like setting up hardware, software patching, etc., enabling IT support experts to concentrate on core tasks, resulting in higher productivity. Cloud is also more reliable due to the fact that it allows redundant storage of data in a huge network.
Cloud computing and Web hosting can have similar type of setup and give similar results. But cloud computing provides a variety of – platforms, infrastructure, applications – services; whereas web hosting does hosting of web related projects & it’s end users are browsers as well as mobile applications. End users of cloud computing ranges from browsers, mobile / stand alone applications to thin clients as well as terminals.
Today, the internet revolution has shrunk the world into a global village. Day by day internet traffic increases. Unimaginable amount of data has been flowing & web spaces are outgrowing their existing hosting provider’s capacity. In this scenario, ‘cloud web hosting’ can be the solution.

Cloud web hosting / cloud hosting uses several clustered servers in a cloud. I.e., websites will be using several server’s resources for all of their hosting needs. This’ll incorporate all the advantages of cloud computing in web hosting; like – Scalability : if one group of clustered servers in a cloud gets busy, another cluster of servers can be used to run a website. After the usage, this additional cluster can also be left in the cloud. Immediacy : on demand availability of additional resources can be provided, that too without any difficulty to the end users. Cost Savings : Cloud technology charges are based on usage & this will hugely reduce the need for costly dedicated hosting.

Cloud hosting enable end users to get what they need when in need and pay as per the usage.

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