Red Hat acquires Noobaa

Soon after Red Hat’s acquisition by IBM, Red Hat is now acquiring Noobaa. These two moves are related and have been seen as an excellent business strategy, to gain technological ...

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The Morris Worm story

Morris Worm (also known as the ‘great worm’ or ‘internet worm’) is the notorious computer worm which is believed to be one of the first to be distributed on the ...

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Agent Tesla

Agent Tesla – a highly effective as well as user-friendly password stealing program which has been built using Microsoft .Net Framework and infected computers since 2014 – has gained popularity ...

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Cyber attack types to watch out for in 2018

  Along with quick technical enhancements, security risks are enormous in today’s cyberspace.  As per forecasts, worldwide cybercrime rates will cost 2 trillion dollars in 2019. Newer types of security ...

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