IT giants are coming together. This allows them to utilize cutting edge technologies with each other for technological excellence & to serve their clients to the best.

We can see some of the very recent examples:

VMware vCloud Air is now VMware vCloud Air powered by OVH – OVH, one of the largest cloud service providers in the world with over 1.3 million customers has acquired VMware vCloud Air in May 2017. OVH is expanding in US market. It’s clients include fortune 500 companies & by this partnership, OVH clients in Europe and North America will be getting added to the VMware vCloud Air footprint. This will make enterprises easy to move their VMs to OVH cloud. VMware will act as the technology supplier to OVH and by this partnership, it will be easier for enterprises to extend their on-premise VMware environments into the cloud.


Major hosting & technology infrastructure mnc – Hostway, which has major healthcare clients has now added AWS cloud and VMware private cloud support to its multi-cloud managed service portfolio. Hostway just announced this in 28th November 2017, last Tuesday. Healthcare, IoT and financial organizations are always concerned on the cost , security and compliance factors. Hostway promises their customers to continue it’s 20year expertise of providing top notch scalable, flexible, compliant as well as secured solutions, specially designed for highly regulated industries; along with the extra flexibility & scalability from this newly added AWS & VMware portfolio.


Yes. Partnerships like these will give additional technological expertise, which will produce high efficiency resulting in  business advantage to each of their clients. Let’s wait for more of such deals to witness yet another IT revolution.


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