Finding a high quality dedicated technical support person

by Jan 4, 2018

Finding a high quality dedicated technical support person

by Jan 4, 2018

Every dedicated technical support company promises to provide 24/7 support, Lowest response time, Quick fixes,etc.. What makes them different is the quality of their technical support. The technical support team is the core asset of any dedicated technical support provider. To provide and maintain high-quality technical support, the team must be built accordingly. To build this efficient team, one must take care to hire apt members into it.

The criteria which matter most in hiring a dedicated technical support team member can be broadly listed as Customer handling skills, Technical ability, and Experience.


  1. Customer Handling skills                                                                                                                                                A) Communication skills – The support person should be able to understand what the customer tells and vice versa. Technical skills are meaningless if communication is improper and it can result in customer dissatisfaction as well as loss of business. Check for a candidate’s communication as well as grammatical errors.

        B) Time Management – Hire a person who can prioritise and manage responsibilities. 24/7 availability cannot be achieved without maintaining the lowest response time. To achieve this, ensure every team member is adept at time management. Can assess this by asking the candidate questions on prioritisation, shared responsibilities (how they managed when their coworker wasn’t able to make a team work), multi-tasking experience, etc..

       C) Result orientation – An efficient support team will be able to deliver results to customers, using the available resources. Hire team members who talk to the point and who is clear in goals.

D) Values : Passion, Responsibility, Honesty – Keep your technical support team driven by passion. Look for people who love the technical support job, more than remuneration. A passionate team member will be willing to take up responsibilities. Tech support team interacts with the customers. So, make it sure that team members are aware of the customer’s business to complete their task with utmost responsibility. Transparency is a sign of goodness everywhere. Hire a person who doesn’t present themselves unreal.


2. Technical Ability                                                                                                                                                                               A) Technical knowledge – Hire people with strong technical knowledge and capability. Assess technical knowledge to ensure that they will be capable of understanding and efficiently handling technical issues.

B) Resourcefulness – Every technical support team member should be able to find quick and smart ways to solve issues. Check for practical skills in candidates (by asking them to resolve an imaginary technical issue).

C) Willingness to learn – An efficient IT support team will always keep themselves updated. This is extremely important today; where technologies are getting upgraded in no time. Check how much a candidate is updated on IT and make it sure that they know about proper knowledge resources.


  1. Experience

Experience is learning, and it matters a lot when looking for a technical support person. The number of projects/issues handled will give enormous exposure, which can equip a technical support person to manage any issue efficiently.

Building a team with the above characteristics will ensure high-quality technical support to bring in customer delight.


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Most of our technical staff are Red Hat / Microsoft certified System Engineers OR Microsoft Certified System Administrators (MCSAs); they also have cPanel Certification, with practical experience in successfully handling several projects.

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