Arch Linux

Arch Linux is an independently developed Linux distribution (i.e. operating system) for computers based on x86-64 architecture. Composed of free and open source software, it supports community involvement. Arch Linux ...

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  Ransomware is a malware designed to block access to a computing system (locking data in that system / threaten to publish the victim’s data) via encryption, until a demanded ...

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Agent Tesla

Agent Tesla – a highly effective as well as user-friendly password stealing program which has been built using Microsoft .Net Framework and infected computers since 2014 – has gained popularity ...

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Buzzword talk : ‘Andromeda Botnet’

  ‘Andromeda’ OR ‘Gamarue’ is one of the latest backdoor-type malware variant, found to be spreading at a rate of millions of computers per month. An international takedown operation lead ...

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Hosting Service and Hosting Support – an overview

  This IT-driven era demands a strong presence in the cyber-space, especially for enterprises to succeed. This can be achieved through websites, which is the digital presence of any worldly ...

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